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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flower Fest CASE

For those of you who don't know what CASE means, I was told it meant Copy And Study Everything.  And I did copy this card.  Most of it that is.  I didn't have the ribbon that was used in thee original card by Regina at Stamps Alot.  My card is close and I like how it turned out.  

When I first saw this card I just fell in love with the look of it and I knew I HAD to make it.  I found some time this evening and headed to my workroom to get this card made so I could quit obsessing about it.  I kept the link open on my computer because I didn't want to lose it and it was also a reminder to hurry up and make this card.  Obsessing sounds like such a strong word but when you are thinking about a card a lot during the day and it lasts for a few days, well.... I call it obsessing!!!  Now that I have the card done I can obsess about something else!!! LOL

This card was made using the "Flower Fest" set.  I am now finding more and more samples I like that use this set.  What a fun set this is.  Though I am starting to get tired of cutting out roses and leaves!!! LOL  

I am going to be hanging on to this card for quite a while.  I may even just set it out so I can view it every time I am in my workroom!!  And it does feel good to get that card off my mind.  Last night I embossed the flowers and all the leaves and I even took a few minutes to cut them all out so I could actually finish the card tonight.  I was glad I did because I'm so pinched for time tonight.  I had a busy day and now I have to go finish cleaning up my kitchen and dining room so the appliance guy can come and remove the "other" dishwasher and install the new (hopefully working perfectly) dishwasher.  I have been dealing with Bosch and our new and damaged dishwasher since February.  Talk about a runaround.  And the time I've had to sit here waiting in those 4 hour windows for the repair guy to come.  UGH!  After the 6th time the repair guy said it's unrepairable.  But Bosch didn't believe him so we had to get a second opinion.  Fortunately this company is nearby and I am the first call in the morning for them!!!  And I won't even tell you the hoops that Bosch makes you jump through.  I just shake my head at all the stuff I was told, even the part where the repair guy said "it's an installation problem.  You need to cut part of the cupboard off, it's squeezing the machine so it makes the door read it's open."  It turns out the machine was damaged ("it looked like it had been dropped").  Good thing we didn't cut the cupboard, huh???  I shake my head as I type that.  Before any repair person tells you to cut your cupboards, get another opinion!  Anyway, a replacement dishwasher is being delivered at 8:30 am so I will have most of my morning plus the rest of my day to get my usual things done!  Let's hope this one works well!!!  Ok, enough whining.  More info than you wanted to know!!!  LOL

Take a moment out and hop on over to Regina's blog and see her card.  It's SO pretty!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Unknown said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Wanda, I am in love with it also. I have to CASE you now;)

Anonymous said...

A very awesome card, Wanda. I enjoy casing cards also, but they are never the same- I usually do not have the stamp sets, but when I love a design, I use whatever stamp set seems to go with the design. I love all that you post here. Thanks so much.


Shirley said...

How gorgeous! Love your roses and how you stamped them!