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Monday, July 19, 2010

Three Little Words Card

I have this set and have yet to use it. I have made two cards from it and both were from Shoe Box Swaps. I like the set and I know I should get it out, put it together and play with it before I even begin to think about buying anymore new sets! Why do I do that? Is it "the grass is greener" syndrome? Is it a syndrome??? Is there a cure? Do I want a cure? LOL

Ok, onto this card. I don't know who in our DIVA group designed it for the swap so I'm sorry I can't give you credit. But if you read my blog leave a comment saying it's yours!
As I'm looking at my card I realized I didn't put three little words on the inside! I guess I will have to put my set together if I ever decide to use this card!!
It was a very quick and simple card to put together too! I love the brushed silver card stock on the card. It gave it a very elegant look. It was a very fun card to make at the swap.
I guess it depends on what words you put on the inside to know what occasion it can be used for! But it has lots of possibilities!
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