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Friday, July 02, 2010

Card Holder Weekend Project

I LOVE making these Magnetic Tri-fold Card Holders. They are very simple to put together too. I like how they stay shut with the magnet plus the sides are closed so the cards don't slide out at all. One side holds the cards and the other holds the envelopes. These make great gifts. They also are a fun item to sell at Craft Fairs too. They even make a nice Stamp Camp project.

The pattern for the card holder can be found here.

I have posted a couple of these. You can see one here. And here, this one is my favorite so far! I think it's because of the decorative paper I had used, it was one of my favorites.

The card holder pictured here is one I made for a sweet friend of mine. She had left me with some of her pretty decorative paper so I decided to play with it and turn it into a gift for her. I felt bad though because this one got ink on it from an ink pad that had some strings hanging out of it. A lesson was learned here too. Always pull off those strings that hang out of your stamp pad once it is closed up. SO I made her a new one. You can see that one here. That one I liked a lot too. And each card in it was for a different occasion.

I am hoping to have a weekend where I can sit and make a bunch of these for the craft fair that is coming up in November. I'm SO far behind on everything. UGH! And I wonder if I ever will get caught up! I have a million projects all going on at the same time and all take a lot of time to complete. Plus we have some not so fun home projects this summer too. We are waiting on our shed to be delivered. It is a week late as of yesterday. Some issues with not being able to get the hardware for it. SO we wait. And in the meantime we are getting the house ready to be painted. I can do a lot of it as long as it doesn't involve going too high on the ladder. I can usually handle the back of the garage and the back of the house up to the top of the living room windows. Our deck goes across the whole back of the house so I don't need a ladder to paint up there. I like to do window and door trim so I will start there in a week or so and hopefully get the house all done within a few weekends. Siding would be nice but it's not in our budget so we make do with what we have. SO some projects are huge and others are not but there are a LOT of them!!! I have some in the works that I will be posting on here soon too! Lucky you!!!
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Anonymous said...

This is an adorable project!! I was looking for something EXACTLY like this!! Thanks for posting!! I'll be getting the instructions from you soon!!