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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mosaic Tiles Technique Page

Tah dah! Finally another technique page. It's just been so crazy here this summer with all the yard and house stuff. The shed is up and it looks like it's by PlaySchool! LOL The house is about half painted. Ok, the actually house part is 3/4 painted and all the trim has not been painted. Bottom line is the house is not done being painted yet. We plan to put a big dent in it this weekend. Between every day stuff I had a busy week teaching at the bead shop and some me time to stamp! I can't even look forward to the weekend because it consists of painting outside in the heat. I am not a big fan of summer as it is! Ok, did I whine enough? Are you craving cheese now to go with all that whine? LOL

The technique I am showing here is the "Mosaic Tile" technique. It's a very easy technique to do too. I did have a little square tile all made up to make a card with but as I was working with it I misplaced it so I had to take a photo of the actual technique page so you can see the tiles. On the square I made I had punched out the center of the square so I just had a square frame and around the frame was the tiles. It looked pretty cool to! Sorry I lost it in the mess in my workroom. Would anyone like to come volunteer to clean up my workroom? You get to come back the next day and stamp all you want and use anything in the room!!! Tempting? Isn't it?

Anyway, it's probably meant to be since the tiles were done in Brilliant Blue and that color is now retired. So on the brighter side the card would not have matched with the ink and that is important to me.
You can purchase sets 1, 2 and 3 of the technique pages on CD by clicking here. They are designed for you to print out, cut two sides and layer on a 6" x 6" piece of coordinating card stock. You can use them to hold technique clubs or have technique classes with. The technique shown here will be in the 4th set. A set contains 20 techniques. I still have some technique pages (finished) of set 3. Please email me if you are interested in those.
To do this technique you just stamp your image on card stock. You either cut or punch out the images. Set them in place on your card or on a surface you will be able to easily remove them from should they stick. Pour on some Crystal Effects and allow to dry. Once they dry they look like ceramic tiles. It's SO pretty! The smaller the tiles the prettier they are and the better the effect is. Click on the photo for a closer view.

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