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Monday, June 21, 2010

Butterfly Punch Magic!

Ok, so it's not magic but it is unique. I made this card at Sue's a few weeks back. It's a fun way to make the pansy too. You just punch out two butterflies and color them like the flower is colored. I didn't do a good job coloring my flowers. I have seen some that REALLY look like a pansy is right on the card. But I did finish my card and that says a lot right there!!! Sometimes when I take things home with me to work on they rarely get finished. But I really wanted to try this butterfly flower thing and in the process I finished the card. I'm not sure if I would make any more cards like this though. I thought it was a lot of work to get those butterflies to look like a pansy.
I used the "Birthday Wishes" from the Sincere Salutations stamp set. One of my favorites!! The words were stamped on a piece of card stock that was dry embossed in the corner.
I used watercolor crayons to color the butterflies and an aqua painter. You start out with the center color and work your way out to the edges. Once they dry you will add the black lines with a marker. Then you will want to curl up the edges a bit. Layer two butterflies together and poke a hole in the middle. Add a brad and tape in place on your card. There's not a lot to it, it's just a matter of getting the colors on there right and getting them to bleed just enough. I used white card stock here. I did try it with watercolor paper and found it even more difficult to deal with. The watercolor paper holds the moisture a lot longer and I got too much bleeding going on. To the point to where the center of the flower was almost gone. I misted the butterfly and placed a paper towel over it to see if I could lift a bit of color off because it was way too dark. Misting watercolor paper like that and using the paper towel caused almost all the color to lift off. UGH! So back to the regular white card stock! I redid them as best as I could and called it a done deal!!!
In person it is a very pretty card!
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Mary said...

Very cool love the colors too.

Susie said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I tried this a couple weeks ago but I need a different shaped butterfly punch than I have. Mine got put in the trash.

Unknown said...

Wanda, beautiful pansy butterfly flowers.

lisa808 said...

Your pansies are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your really hard on yourself. I thought this was a beautifl card and can't wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing it.