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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Star Guitar Wall Decor

I finally got this guitar up on the wall. I have had it for a while and had good intentions of getting it up on the wall but something always came up. It went in hubby's office/music room. So if I wasn't busy and had time to put it up hubby was not home or didn't have time to clean off that counter. I didn't want to touch his stuff so we just had to wait for the right time. So it took almost 6 months!!!

When I saw this guitar in the "Definitely Decorative" brochure I knew it would look great on his one wall. He liked the idea of it but he didn't like the heart in the middle of the guitar. I told him I would cut that heart out into a circle and it would look just FABULOUS on the wall. It came with 8 musical notes too. One is hidden behind the guitar hubby is building. He's been working on it a very long time and it's slowly coming along. Inside the guitar is a margarine dish of some type. I keep asking him how he's going to get that out of there and all he tells me is that it's up to the instructor to do that!!! I'm assuming he really means he has no idea how to get it out of there and the guy teaching the class is going to have to help him with that. The handle part of the guitar is out in the garage. I think he's working on the frets for it. Then he'll be gluing that part in place. Then a finish is put on and finally, I think, the rest is adding the hardware and strings. I'm guessing there, I really have no idea. I just know he's been working on it about as long as I've had the wall art. Now that I'm done he should get busy and get his done!
I had him come down and see his wall and he really liked it. I knew he would! I just LOVE that Definitely Decorative "stuff." I got the new book in the mail a week or so ago and I have picked out a few that I am adding to my wish list. I have a wall in mind for one of them right now but I have to wait for a bit to see how bad I REALLY want it or if I just want to want it!
I have two more items that I bought and I need to work on them. One of them is the kitty from the "All in the Family" and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I only bought it because it was a kitty. LOL I'm such a sucker for cat things like that. I may just put it on the bedroom door we keep our old cat Millie in. Oh, don't feel bad for her. I take her out of there when I need to vacuum the room. I don't want her to be in there when I vacuum. I don't want her to be scared. She goes out in the living room and hubby brushes her there while I vacuum. Boo loves to go in there and spend the night. I call it "girls night out!" And K.C. likes to go in there but he goes in there because he thinks the food is different so he has to go eat Millie's food too! Silly cats. SO at times all three of them are in there but usually there is two in there at a time. I open the door and one (that is allowed to) will leave and the other one will go running in. Cats are the craziest people! Anyway, the door may be a good place for that Decor Element! I may just go put it on there when I'm done with this post!
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Unknown said...

This ROCKS! Love the vinyl accent for your hubby, If I had to wait on mine it would never get placed on the wall;)