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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Sketch Challenge

This sketch layout came just in the nick of time. I needed to make a masculine birthday card and this sketch fit the bill. I needed something with a Justify Fulllarger focal point. I SO love this "Two Canoes" stamp by Creative Impressions. I have used it many many times and love the outcome each time.

On this card I stamped the image using VersaMark and embossed it in black detail embossing powder. I used my blender pen and markers and colored in the images. One thing you have to remember to do when coloring with the blender pen on images that are embossed, you need to make sure you blot the surface. The color beads up on the embossed area and you can pick it up on your fingers and transfer it to other parts of your card for a much undesired look. Speaking from experience here. But not on this one! I blotted a lot as I colored and was thrilled with the end results! SO much so that I'm now not sure I want to give it to my nephew! LOL I know, just give it up, it was made with him in mind so just give it to him. It's not like I can't make another one. It may not turn out exactly like this one but I can make another one. Ok fine, I'll give it to him! LOL

I love to do the blender pen and markers in my coloring. It goes on so quickly and if you start with the lightest colors and color in the areas that are the darkest you really can't ruin the picture. You want to start coloring in the areas that are the darkest (in this image, where the canoes reflect on the water, it creates a darker shade, so I would start there). You work your way outward and the pen will run out of color and you just pick up more color and continue. Watercolor paper works the best for this but because of it's texture it is more difficult to get the image to stamp and emboss nicely. Sometimes I've actually turned the watercolor paper over and stamped on that side. It's still watercolor paper on the reverse side, just not textured! Here I used white card stock and because I quickly colored I didn't get any worn spots on my card from overworking an area. I've done this lots of times so I think I've pretty much perfected the "not overworking areas".

If you have time play with this card layout. Another one for my album! I just love going to that album with a stamp image and seeing what layout will fit with that image and I go from there. Sometimes I still put one together on my own but when I get stuck I will take one of those layouts and start from there. Most of the time for me it's a matter of getting started and this is what it takes!

Anyway, I think my nephew will like the card!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Anonymous said...

Very lovely card, Wanda. I like trees, water, etc. stamps also. Thanks for sharing this with us.