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Monday, March 29, 2010

3D Technique

I can't believe I'm starting my fourth set of Technique Pages! WOW, that's a lot of techniques and there's still many more out there. I have a very long list of ones yet to do. Some techniques are very old ones but none the less they are a technique and in good time will go into the book! I even had to start a new album. My album only held three sets, 60 pages. I suppose I could add a few more pages but I don't what the album to bulge. Fortunately I have another 6" x 6" leather album so I'm set. I have one more but it's got my recipe pages in it. But if I have to sacrifice the recipe pages to make room for the technique pages I will!

Anyway, onto this fun technique. You need to use two different color inks to make the image look like it's 3D. This would be fun on the background of a card or scrapbook page.

Just a reminder here. I finished the third set and it is ready for sale. You can email me if you are interested in purchasing a set of these finished pages. I will be adding them to my web store next week so it will be a lot easier to purchase. The store figures out the postage and everything for you. I have not mastered how to work the store. I am capable of entering an item but I do not know how to work with the photo. It's got to be sized a certain way and I have not learned how to do that yet. But I'm sure I will and then I will be posting a lot more things quicker!

The best part about this technique is that I have it all done and boxed up! I had to spend some time in the hospital waiting room on Thursday so I brought some stuff to work on and I completed these pages plus part of the next technique page I'm going to be posting. I am hoping to post a page every week to ten days. The problem with the pages is getting them all put together. I make a lot of copies of the technique and there is a lot to putting one together. I LOVE to sponge the edges and that takes time. There is the typing of the page, the stamping on the background. Making the technique over and over and over so I have enough for each page I'm making and then putting those pieces on the page itself. Then the page is layered on top of a piece of coordinating card stock. Once all that is done they go into a box, a label goes on the box and it goes into a larger box to wait for the rest of the techniques in that set to be completed! Making one page doesn't take much time at all but to make a bunch of them takes a lot more time and I tend to make the pages, cut all the parts for it and put that in a box. Then when I have a road trip or have to sit in a waiting room I will put together the pages. And then there are times where I just have to sit at my worktable and put together pages so I don't get too far behind! I don't complain about it, I like making them but I do get a bit stressed when I get down to the last page or two and I have several boxes of pages that need to be put together. And there you have it, the technique page making saga! Aren't you glad you know? LOL

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