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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lavished in Luxury! Weekend Project

Here's a fun gift to make and it really doesn't take all that long either!!! Gotta LOVE that!!!

Once again I am recycling glass bottles. These had Hormel bacon pieces in them. I like bacon but yet I don't. I won't eat a piece of fried bacon. I find the fat on it disgusting. But the Hormel bacon in the jar has very little fat, it's mostly the meat. It works great in our salads and dishes that call for bacon. If hubby wants bacon he can order it when he goes out for breakfast with is family on Sundays!!! WOW, more information you didn't need to know about me!!! LOL

Ok, onto the project! I typed up the words on the computer. I used Carmine Tango font and the size of it is 20. It fit in the large oval punch nicely. I printed a full page of them on Whisper White card stock. After I punched it out I sponged the edges in Lavender Lace. I punched out the new larger oval using Lavender Lace card stock. I used the Sizzix "Lots of Tags" die cut for the label part. I cut it out of Whisper White and sponged the edges of it as well.

I tied a ribbon around the neck of the jar. I was looking for some Lavender Lace ribbon and realized I didn't have any. SO I take out my catalog and was going to add it to my list of things to order and much to my surprise there is not one piece of Lavender ribbon in the whole ribbon section. Not even Lovely Lilac!!! Hmmm. I thought I could dye some ribbon but it's just too messy of a project for me. Plus I don't feel that the ink sets well enough and it still gets on your fingers.

On the top of the lid I punched out a scallop and layered on top of it a 1-3/8" piece of white card stock that has the word "Diva" typed on it.

On the bottom I have the directions and the ingredients. If you are making them for yourself you don't need to add this information but if you are making them for gifts or to sell you MUST add it.

I suggest 1 or 2 Tablespoons in the bath water.

The recipe for the bath salts can be found here.

Save those fun looking jars, you never know when a project will pop up that you need them for. I have a garage full!!! LOL Have fun making these!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Unknown said...

This is great, I have been saving up my glass ;)

JPScraps said...

My sister & I made some of these for gifts. We made bath salts, lotions, oils, and one jar filled with M&M minis. We then put all the bottles in a hanging basket. Everyone loved them!