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Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogger Issues

Is anyone else having Blogger issues? Yesterday when I went to go on my blog I got an error message telling me that the website didn't exist. My blog/website was no where to be found. Where on earth (in cyber space) did it go? Later that night it was back. Now this morning I was locked out of it. UNREAL!!! I had checked on a few other fellow bloggers blogs and some of them I could open and others I couldn't. Hopefully you all are able to open Blogger!

Well, back to work on that "VersaGlaze" technique!!! I would like to get it posted tonight!!!

Have a great day,


Stampin_melissa said...

I heard that some people using IE were having problems with blogger. I use Firefox and haven't noticed anything. Could that have been your problem?

Unknown said...

The very same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, I just signed on the next day and all was back as normal and I have had no problems since. Thank Goodness, I about had a stress attack ;)