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Friday, August 08, 2008

I Give Up!

In yet another failed attempt to make the card with a single tiny flower in the bottom right corner I have come to a conclusion. An that is, I just can't do it. I am SO much a layers person and I think I'm just going to have to stick with that. I was always told to stick with what you know best. But if you don't venture out now and then you don't learn anything. Well, I really learned something here with my many attempts at trying to do a card with a small single flower in the bottom corner.

I had really high hopes for this card. I thought I had my problem with it figured out. But I didn't. So here it is in all it's "splendor!" LOL

I used one of the flowers from the Stampin' Up! set "Bloomin' With Love." Which by the way did not make it to the new catalog!!! SO sad because I REALLY like this set. I'm going to hang on to it for a while yet. It's still new to me, I've hardly played with it. When I get tired of it or realize I am not using it anymore then I'll get rid of it. Or if I run out of room on my shelves!!

I used the Cuddlebug folder to make the background and I added a ribbon. It was pretty quick and easy to make. It should be it was suppose to be just a simple card with a tiny flower in the bottom corner!!!

Like the title of this post states, "I give up." I have tried several of this style and now know that I just can't do it. So it's back to my regular style!! And I've got some fun "Weekend Projects" lined up too!! There's a lot of new things coming up and I'll be sharing them here with you.

Thanks SO much for stopping by,


Claudia said...

Wanda - This is a beautiful card!

Robyn said...

Oh, Wanda your correct stick with your own style....what ever works for you! Thank you for what you bring to my life every morning I read your updates!

Denise said...

You know Wanda, sometimes I think we're harder on ourselves than we would be on anyone else! I know I am. That's a lovely card, I can't see why you think it's such a failure! I'm not sure what your goal was, but it's simple, sweet and clean looking. I love it.

Lynette said...

I think it's very pretty!

How about if you put a thinner border around the flower? Maybe moved the ribbon down so it goes under the flower? Just a couple suggestions, but I love it the way it is, too!

Sara Paschal said...

I love the colors you used on the card and the little stamp is cute.
I can't wait to see a new catty :)

Pat S. said...

I have to grin...we've all been there...that card that just would not cooperate, and usually ends up in the scrap basket. I grin because only you would have the sense of humor to post it :)

My critique (like you asked for it..ha :)...the pink oval mat is just a little over-powering for the little flower. To soften the mat you could Cuttlebug it, or sponge it with something light, or trim it down, or scallop it...plenty of possibilities :)

LuAnn said...

It's always hard to go outside the box without being critical of yourself. But I have to say I love the simplicity of your little flower card esp. with the white textured paper.

kat said...

It's a beautiful card, whether it was what you wanted to make or not! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda,

I think it's a cute card :) There's a wider oval punch coming out in the new catty - you can try that and see if it'll help balance it a bit. Also, I think this set is on the dormant list - so not retired/dumped yet. You can still use it! Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your blog! :)

Charlene H. said...

You are too funny! I think that card is very elegant. It is simple but it doesn't need anything else. I think the textured background does a lot for that card and I love the little flower in the corner. You did a great job!

NeedsARibbon said...

Don't give up. How about putting the ribbon underneath the oval in a different color might make it pop more? You can do it. You can do it! I think I can, I think I can...giggles.

The Wired Angel said...

I think it's adorable.... very simple but sweet. I plan to CASE. Don't be so hard on yourself as it's VERY nice in my opinion.