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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

From Sympathy to Birthday.

I took the same layout/style of the sympathy card I made and changed it into a very pretty feminine Birthday Card. I think they have such a sweet look to them. Definitely a "girly" card!!

I am really liking the Pink Pirouette. Later this week I'm going to be playing with the other 5 new colors of card stock.

This card was a fun card to make and it didn't take long either. It probably took me longer to cut the card stock than it did to do the rest of the card. I always think using background paper makes it seem like the card doesn't take long to make. Decorative paper saves you a little time in stamping and with the right papers it can really make a card something to behold. One problem with decorative paper. Once you get it taped on it's not easy to reposition it. It will rip unless you are a VERY lucky person!!! I have not been that luck so I try to be very careful about placing my decorative paper down. And if it gets crooked it's not off by that much so I just leave it. After all it is a handmade card!!! LOL Take a closer look at those machine printed cards at the card sections of stores. Not the best quality there. Plus a handmade card says a whole lot to the person receiving it!!!

For the wording on this card I used one of my most favorite sets "Sincere Salutations." I have used that birthday stamp so much you'd think the rubber would be worn out!! LOL The image is just SO perfect. It's SO "greeting card." It must be the font, I don't know but I do know I head for that stamp a lot!!

Well, I'm off to find another technique to make a page for the book. The numbers are clicking away and my blog will be at 500,000 hits soon. Some lucky winner will be receiving one of each of the pages I've posted on here!! These pages are great for reference for you and for others that stamp with you. Some are simple and others are a bit more detailed but all of them are fun!

For more birthday cards click here. There are almost 100 birthday cards on my blog!

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Amy said...

That was a great transition. I love those flowers and they seem very versatile.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, these cards are very pretty! I love the pink also.

Kristine said...

Looks very pretty in those soft colors! Great stack-o-cards there. =)