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Monday, December 11, 2006

Water Bottle

Materials needed:
1 16 ounce Bottled Water
1 piece of white Card stock cut to fit bottle
Whisper White Card stock cut 8 3/4" long by 2" wide and scored at 2" on one end and 2½" on the other end
3/4" wide by 2" long strip of Bashful Blue Card stock
Scrap piece of Bashful Blue Card stock to punch 1 3/8" circle from
Scrap piece of Whisper White Card stock to punch 1 1/4" circle from
Snail Tape
Water Flavoring Packet
3 Silver Brads
Snowflake Wheel
Wheel Handle
1 1/4" Circle Punch
1 3/8" Circle Punch
Bashful Blue Ink Pad
3" piece of Blue Gingham Ribbon
Bashful Blue Ink Cartridge
White Craft Ink Pad
Anywhere Glue Stick
Mat Pack

Take the small and large Bashful Blue strip of card stock and stamp the snowflakes on it. Set it aside to dry. Craft ink takes a little longer to dry than the dye based inks do. With the wheel, stamp the long white strip on the front and back. Stamp the "4 You" in Bashful Blue Ink on the small white piece of card stock. Take the 1 1/4" punch and punch out the "4 You." Take the small Bashful Blue piece of card stock and punch out a 1 3/8" circle. Place both circles on the Mat Pack foam piece, using the tool punch a hole in both pieces at the same time. Fold your ribbon in half and punch a hole in it just as you did for the circles. Insert your brad into the circles and then add the ribbon behind it. Fold ends of brads over to secure. Trim your ribbon after the holder is assembled.

Fold the larger scored end up. Take the blue strip you stamped the snowflakes on and tape it to the edge. Again using the Mat Pack make holes on each side of the strip and going through the back too. You will be punching through 3 layers here (the blue strip the top folded piece and the back center piece of the card stock). Insert the two remaining brads and set them in place.
Take the larger piece of Bashful Blue Card stock, cover the back with the Anywhere Glue Stick and wrap it around the water bottle covering the original wrapper. You may need to run your fingers along the edges a few times to get it to stay in place. Take your pocket piece and fold back the top piece with the 1 1/4" hole in it and place it on top of the bottle. Insert the flavor packet and trim your ribbon if desired.

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