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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Magnetic Note Holder

This is the final project from the "Night of Christmas Gift Making" Stamp Camp.

Materials Needed:

Bashful Blue Card stock cut 8" x 4"
one cut 1 7/8" x 1 5/8" (for layer)
and one cut ½" x 2" (for loop)
Whisper White Card stock cut 7 3/4" x 3 3/4"
and one cut 1 3/4" x 1 ½" (for words)
Smooth Ink Pen
Label sheet cut to fit pen
Hobby Blade
Snow Flurries Stamp Set
Cold Play Stamp Set
Bordering Blue Ink Pad
Bashful Blue Ink Pad
Ballet Blue Ink Pad
Snail Adhesive


Stamp the large white piece of card stock and the label with the Snow Flurries snowflake stamps. Sporadically stamp various snowflakes in the three colors of blue filling the entire sheet and label. Stamp "Let it Snow" in Ballet Blue ink on the small white piece of card stock. Tape the Bashful Blue layer piece to the back of it and set it aside.

Remove the cap from the pen, affix the label to it and set it aside. Using the Hobby Blade and Mat Pack cutting pad cut two slits in the stamped white card stock. Slits should be about ½" and 3/4" down from the top edge of the card stock. Make them a little over ½" wide. Just a bit wider than the strip of Bashful Blue loop piece. Before affixing the white stamped piece to the Bashful Blue back layer you need to make the loop. Insert the ends of the loop in each of the slots. Insert the pen to test for size. Leaving the pen in the loop, turn the piece over and tape down the ends of the loop pieces. Tape the edges of the white piece. You don't need to run the tape along the whole piece. It will stick by running tape in the 4 corners, a small strip on the top and bottom and two strips on each of the sides. Affix your piece to the Bashful Blue piece.

The back of the notepad has 2 pieces of the Sticky Strip tape already attached. Remove the protective strip to expose the tape and set it in place on your white stamped piece. You may want to line it up first before you remove the protective strip on the tape. Once your notepad is in place you can position and tap in place the "let it snow" on in between the notepad and the pen loop. Attach the magnet to the back around the area where the pen is. Placing it here will give the note holder more stability. Your project is now complete.

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