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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Badge Holder Albums - Weekend Project

While digging in one of my craft drawers I ran across a project I was going to do someday. Guess what? It’s “someday!” LOL I found a bunch of packages of badge holders I was going to use to make a mini album.

This is a fun and not very expensive little project. You can use this to make a mini photo album or to keep little punched out flowers, circles and other tiny card making supplies in.

I have packages of them from 3 different companies and the only difference I see is one of them has larger holes. The sizes are all the same. And the one with the larger holes also has the holes just a little bit further apart than the other ones. The other two companies badge holders are exactly alike. That’s a good thing. I will only have to deal with two sets that are different!!!

They measure 3" by 3-5/8". So I cut my card stock that size. I did cut it on the wider side of the 3-5/8" mark though. I wanted it to be just a touch bigger because of the score line I needed to make at 11/16th” so the cover will open easier. I didn’t add a score line on the back. I also cut the some shirt board using the same measurements. The shirt board is the same thickness cardboard you get on the back of the Stampin’ Up! Decorative papers. I cut it so the nicer side of this card/shirt board is on the outside. I affixed the card stock to the shirt board on the front only. You can cover the back if you like but I didn’t.

I then decorated the cover. To attach the “pages” together I had punched holes in the cover and back matching them with the sleeves. Then I ran a ribbon through the holes of both covers and sleeves. I tied a knot and a bow and the album was ready to use!!

It’s a fun, quick and inexpensive project. These have been around a while but like I said, I had run across them digging in one of my craft drawers. I now have some room in that craft drawer. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be stuffing something in it for safe keeping for a “someday” project!!!

These make great Hostess Gifts, Customer Appreciation Gifts, Stamp Camp projects, Craft Fair items and even fun kids projects!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Sara Paschal said...

Love it, I have made one before I should find my badges back and do more ;)

sohottstamper said...

I have that same drawer with the same contents. LOL!