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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Perennial Birthday, Marigold Lane, Birthday Card, Stampin' Up!

Today I thought I would try a new layout. New to me anyway. I always thought this layout looked so pretty but it looked like a lot of work.  It really wasn't that bad and for you it will be a breeze because you will have the measurements!!

The base of the card is a folded half-sheet of Whisper White card stock.  This card opens on the right and the fold is on the left.

Now because I was using wider words, I had to cut my pieces a little smaller than I thought they needed to be.  For smaller, thinner wording you will need to make the following pieces longer on the sides.  Don't worry about the length of the bottom part of the triangle, it will take care of yourself.

I cut two pieces of Basic Black card stock that measured 3-1/2" on two sides.  I marked the sides lightly with a pencil. I lined up the pencil marks on my cutter and I cut the pieces at an angle. 

The Designer Series Paper (DSP) is from the "Marigold Lane" 12" x 12" package and it was cut at 3-1/4" on two sides.  If you want a wider black border then cut the pieces at 3" on two sides.  If you are using thinner wording you will want to cut your card stock and DSP wider. 4" for the card stock and 3-3/4" or 3-1/2" for the DSP.  And you can go even larger if your words are super thin.  Though they might get lost and overtaken by the DSP.  I could have gone a little smaller here but it's okay, I like the looks of it as it is.  Okay, so I cut my card stock and DSP pieces. I taped them together.  I set them in place with a tiny little bit of snail tape, just so I could see where the words were going to go. I measured between the two center edges and I just divided that in half. I don't actually do math *insert laughter here*.  I take a piece of copier paper and I put an edge on one of the center sides and I mark the other side with my fingernail.  I then fold my copier paper from the edge to my fingernail mark and the fold is now my center.  See, SO easy and no math!!  Then I marked a few pencil dots using my fold like as my guide.  After marking a few dots I also marked the center of my stamp. If you have a clear stamp you can probably see the dots but the stamp from the "Perennial Birthday" set is red rubber. So I just marked on the stamps edge with my pencil so I could line up that mark with the marks on my card. I also had this set up in my Stamparatus. I'm not trusting my black Memento ink pad lately and I was right, it didn't stamp dark enough. So I just inked it up and stamped again.  I think it was dark enough after the second inking.

Then I took the corner pieces and I taped them in place.  And that was it.  Now that you have the measurements, and easy math for finding center, you can just whip these out and use up some of that card stock you are hoarding!!!  I may just set this back up in my Stamparatus (I shouldn't have removed the stamp after cleaning it. It was set up so I could crank out several cards UGH).  But it shouldn't be too difficult to set it up. I'll just put my finished card back on the Stamparatus and line up the stamp.  I have the measurements now and I'm going to dig into some retired DSP and see if I can't use it up!!

This is a fun card to make and I hope you will now find it fun and easy too!

Thank you ever SO much for taking your time to stop by today,


Patti said...

love the wider sentiment space

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

It's really a beautiful card! I love the Magnolia Lane dp.

Kat said...

I love the Magnolia Lane card and wanted to make one similar, so i used Paper Studio Tan Floral with black and cream. Kat