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Friday, July 12, 2019

The Countess Beaded Christmas Bulb

Today I finished a new design. I call it "The Countess" beaded Christmas bulb.  You don't have to run around looking for different shaped beads.  These are pretty easy to find.  This bulb uses seed beads, fire-polished beads and glass pearls.  

I'm SO horrible at taking photos. I was trying to make sure the wind wouldn't blow the dangling pieces together that I didn't notice the bulb cap was crooked.  Though I had nothing to do with that in the creation of the bulb cover.  

I like bulb covers better than the encased bulbs because of the ease of replacement.  Should this bulb break (and they can because they are super thin glass), I just go get another bulb.  With the encased ones you have to remove beads and hope you find them all and then resew the beads back onto the bulb.  Oh and another great benefit here is, you can send the mail without the worry of the bulb breaking (bulb not included!!!).  They would be easier to sell that way too.  

The PDF pattern for this bulb cover can be purchased in my secure web store.  Just click here to be taken to the store.  You can make as many as you wish to sell or to give away as gifts.  Entering it in a contest is not permitted.  

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