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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Moon Baby, Magic Reveal Spinner Card Technique, Baby Card

I found this fun technique in my email last week.  It's Split Coast Stamper's latest technique.  I signed up a long time ago and each week I get the new technique in my email!!  This one looked like a lot of fun.  I read through the instructions but I found easier to follow the video.  I had found a couple discrepancies with the written part. Enough to make the card harder to do.  So I first watched the video and then I followed along.  You can see that video here.  

I made two cards, the top one was the first one I made and followed the written instructions.  The brad where the ribbon goes was over way more than the video suggested it go.  The video seemed more accurate.  

It's not that bad to make either.  A circle and square for the images.  A circle opening, a scalloped edge layer and a small circle for the back that was a buffer for the center brad.

On both cards I did fold the ribbon in half and inserted the brad. But playing with it caused the ribbon to pull through, so follow the instructions about using a lighter to melt the edges to keep them from fraying.  I ended up cutting the ribbon on the bottom one. I did melt the one end but the end that is on top of the cardstock was glued. I stuck a piece of the waxy paper that the glue dots are stuck to under the ribbon so it wouldn't get glued to the circle.

The top one was my first one.  I wrapped a single layer of lacy ribbon around the card on the left and I made a bow and used glue dots to hold it in place.  On the second one I wrapped the lacy ribbon around the card front 3 times and taped the ends on the backside.  Then I cut a small piece and tied a knot.  Then I used Dimensionals on that whole panel.  

The video instructions were very helpful.  The only problem I had was were to put that glue dot to stop the circle from spinning all the way around.  Just keep in mind that it goes close to the left edge and a hair below the top circle.  The glue dot is suppose to stick to the card front panel and if it worked out right, it will stop the top layer from spinning all the way around.  

I thought it was a fun technique.  I often wonder if people know what to do with these types of cards once they receive them!!!  I don't like to have to write instructions on how to open the card!!!

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Unknown said...

Wanda, your card is just incredible. I apologise about any discrepancies in the written part, it was my first ever tutorial for split coast stampers. I really love how you’ve done a double card. Great work, it’s inspiring. Tanya