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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jar of Love, Hair Gel Technique

Today I'm going to share with you a technique card I made at Terri's last Technique Night.  This is the "Hair Gel" technique.  I have never done this technique before.  I thought it was a fun technique to do but not sure if I would make anymore.  You can't mail them unless you actually go to the post office so they can stamp ORM-D on the envelope.  The bag the gel is in could become damaged and leak all over the place.  It's only hair gel, but they don't know that.  So you'd have to hand deliver a card like this, which is okay too.  As for me, I don't think I will make anymore. But I am going to post the directions on here because you never know.  I might want to do it again if I see something that looks like it should be under water!!! LOL

To make this we stamped the jar from the "Jar of Love" set.  Then we used the die that came with it and cut out the center of the jar.

Next we put some hair gel in a plastic cup and added a little inker to give it some color.  We stirred gently.  If you stir too fast, you can get too many bubbles in it. We used the bags that Stampin' Up! sells and added a spoonful of hair gel.  Try to work out as many bubbles as possible.  Then we folded and taped and folded and taped and folded and taped the bag so it wouldn't leak.  I've seen these done with small zip bags too.  If I were to make another one, I would use the zip bags.  But Stampin' Up! demonstrators would probably use the other method because they can promote the plastic bags that Stampin' Up! sells.

Once the bag was taped so it wouldn't leak, we taped it to the back of the jar piece.  There is a Whisper White piece of card stock behind the jar piece that is cut the same size as the jar image (3-1/2" x 2-1/2").  Then that piece was set in place on the blank piece using Dimensionals.  Then the whole thing was set in place on top of the decorative paper and textured card stock.

I added some half round pearls to mine, only because I had picked up the block with the fish on it and someone had gotten ink all over it.  I wasn't aware of it and I touched my card.  So I hid those little marks of orange ink with the pearls.  It fit with the theme of the card, and had I not told you why they were there you would have thought they went with the design of the card.  Am I right?  LOL

That was pretty much it.  It's a very quick and simple technique to do, just a little messy.  Oh and it smelled pretty!!! LOL

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