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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weathered Together, Friendship Card, Shaker Card Technique

Today I'm going to share with you a card that I received in one of the technique swaps I was in. This card was made by Shelly. I don't have this "Weathered Together" set.  I saw it the catalog but there's too many other sets I thought I would have more fun with, but after seeing this, I'm thinking of adding it to my wishlist.  The words "I have enough stuff" are falling on deaf ears lately!!! LOL

This is a very easy card to make and if you use the new "Foam Adhesive Strips" it's even easier.  These strips are the perfect height and they each are around 9" long so you don't have to piece as you go, unless you're using up little bits left from other projects.  The strip bends nicely and allows you to follow many shapes and forms.  I an thrilled with this product!!  It sure makes making shaker cards SO much easier and quicker!

This is a fun technique. Click here for the instructions to make a shaker care.  Click here to see the fun card I made for the swap.  These are fun to make, give it a try!

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