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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

And the Winner is.....

A couple of weeks back I had made two versions of a card.  You can see that card here.  I asked which version of the card was better.  Three people responded,  Christi, Lynn G. and Kristi K.  I am not holding the random drawing for the not so pretty card.  I didn't care for it much and I really didn't want to send it off to someone else either.  SO, I have made a new card and each of those gals will get one. Please send me your snail mail address.  My email address is located on the right sidebar, the second item, "Got a Question".  I will send you each a much prettier card.  I will post that card on my blog in a few day.  

I apologize for not doing the drawing sooner too, I'm old and slow!!! LOL

Thanks SO much for participating,

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