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Saturday, May 14, 2016

March Paper Pumpkin Birthday Card

The March 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit came with the fun "Happy Birthday" words that you see here.  It also came with the balloon image you see in the circle.  Oh and don't forget about that cute little flower image that was used on the background!

The piece where the Happy Birthday was stamped comes the way you see it.  I added a piece of decorative paper to the left for some balance to the card.  It needed something darker and that did the job.

I have not played much with my April Paper Pumpkin.  It was a wreath.  I don't do wreaths so I probably won't be putting that one together but I think I can use those leaves from the wreath on other cards.  Plus that kit came with some pretty fun images to play with.  I did make one card with it so far. You can see that card here.  I just got notice that the May kit is on it's way!!  I look forward to them! If I don't like the project (which isn't very often), I can always do something else with the things in the kit.  And if I don't feel creative, I surf the net to see what other people have done with their kits or the left over items from their kits.

These kits are fun to do and if you'd like to order them just click here.  My friend Terri can get you set up.  

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Laura said...

Thank you for another idea using the March Paper Pumpkin kit.