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Saturday, July 11, 2015

C is for Cat Wrapping Paper and Bow Builder Punch

I am attending a stamping event tomorrow and I needed to make some wrapping paper to wrap a gift for a gal who LOVES cats.  I did not buy the current cat set in the catalog so I had to improvise. Then I remembered that I still have the "C is for Cat" set.  I took out my Smoky Slate ink and a piece of 32# copier paper and made my own paper.

I didn't have any gray ribbon so I did the next best (and probably better) thing.  I took some Smoky Slate card stock and my "Bow Builder" punch and made my own bow.  I have found that if you use your bone folder to curl the large bow pieces plus the small rectangle piece, it's much easier to work with.  I usually use a large clip (or a clothespin will work) to hold the pieces together after I glue them.  Yes, I glue them.  I  feel that glue holds better.  Tape has pulled apart and the Sticky Strip is a bit tricky to work with when you need smaller pieces.  And I know the glue will hold, so I just go with the glue!

You can use your stamps to make wrapping paper.  I don't recommend using shiny paper, the ink doesn't seem to dry very well on it.  It tends to slip so you image isn't crisp and clear.  You could use the backside of the shiny paper.  If you have some sitting around, dress it up and use it.  You can also use card stock but it's pretty thick and doesn't fold well when wrapping the gift.  I like 32# copier paper the best.  I have used 28# and it works well too but the larger the number the thicker the paper and the less the box behind it shows through.  Regular 20# copier paper would work but the container you are wrapping will often show through. I suppose you could wrap it with a piece of regular 20# copier paper and then stamp on another piece and wrap it up.  That should cover the container better.  

So here is my gift for tomorrow!

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