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Friday, May 01, 2015

A Round Array Gift Card Holder Tutorial

 I have to tell you, I was SO surprised at how easy this was to make.  I knew it wouldn't be one of those you spend a lot of time on but I didn't realize, from looking at it, that it was a super quick gift card holder.  I may have to keep this in mind come Christmas time!  It's a cute way to dress up a gift card instead of those little drab envelopes that most of the time come with the card.  

I found the tutorial here at Kristy Coromandel blog. She has a very detailed tutorial on how to make these.  I liked her instructions, they were very easy to follow and they didn't leave you going "what?"!  I'm pretty sure most gift cards are the same size but you may want to check your gift card length before you snip the sides of the oval.  You want to make sure your card fits nicely.  My card seemed a little wider to me (though it wasn't).  I just made sure it was cut long enough.  And you do cut pretty close to the end of the sides of the holder.  That is probably why I thought my card was wider than "normal".  Anyway, it doesn't hurt to check before you cut.  Remember, "measure twice, cut once."  

I used the Sweet Taffy decorative paper.  Tempting Turquoise card stock and ink.  Though in the photo the ink looks different, but in real life it matches. I added some ribbon to the top.  I ran the ribbon around and taped it in front.  Then I tied a bow and used a glue dot to hold it in place.  I moved my scalloped card stock down so the flap could tuck under it and then I didn't have to use any Velcro.  I find when I use it, my card stock and decorative paper tend to rip.  This way I avoided that.  I set that scalloped piece in place using a Dimensional and it solved the lid problem!!  

These are fun and quick to make!  Have fun with them!

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