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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Morning Meadow Mother's Day Card

You guessed it.  I did not put away the "Morning Meadow" stamp set.  So it sat out and I just had to use it.  Now I wouldn't say it was because I was lazy.  After all, I did have to get up and get the ink, the punches, cut the card stock, and emboss the card stock! But leaving the set out did have something to do with me using it!

I had seen a card on Pinterest that I sort of copied this from. I could not get a link to it to share it with you though.  I liked the embossed Daffodil Delight piece and I liked the stamped image.  The Daffodil Delight is such a bright and cheery color.  And because it was such a cheery card I thought I would make it into a Mother's Day card.  Mother's Day is just around the corner and I am trying to get a few more cards done for the little kiddies who come to my garage sale to pick up a very inexpensive card for their mom.  Sometimes it's even a penny!  Kids are SO cute!  And some mom's heart is going to be touched in such a special way.  I just LOVE it.  So I often find myself making duplicate cards so I can put the "Mother's Day" words on it and tuck it away for the sale.  

There is really nothing special done to this card other than the double stamping.  The technique is called "Stamping Off."  It's where you ink up your stamp and then most of the time you stamp on some scrap paper and then without reinking the stamp you stamp on your card stock.  Here I stamped on the card stock directly from the ink pad and then I moved the image over just a bit and stamped on the card stock again.  You just get a lighter image.  You can keep stamping until you see nothing too!  It's a fun and effective technique.  You can even move it over just a hair to give it a shadowed look.  It's a simple technique.  Play with it and have some fun!

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