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Friday, May 02, 2008

Weekend Project! Flowers for Spring Gift Giving!

Are you ready for this FUN weekend project?? Well, here it is!! I got these REALLY cute flower/seed pots at Target in their Dollar Spot. They aren't very big, they measure 2" wide by 2" tall. Just the perfect size for gift giving!!! Click on the photos to view them close-up.

I saw on someones blog that they removed the packaging and traced it onto decorative paper. (I don't remember who's blog it was so if you know, please let me know so I can give them credit.) Now I couldn't tell if they just used the decorative paper for the new cover of if they attached the paper to the original packaging. That is what I did only because there are instructions on the inside. I didn't want to have to type them up and print them out and try to work them into the design. It was much easier to tape the paper over the original packaging.

I bought Strawberry Seed planters. They caught my eye and I immediately thought of the Stampin' Up! "Tart & Tangy" set for this. Cute, isn't it???

I traced the packaging onto the decorative paper and cut it out. I did use a Craft Knife to cut the holes. Then I taped it back on top of the original packaging and folded it. I then put it back on the planter.

Next I stamped the strawberry image, twice!! One I punched out with the 3/8" circle punch and the other I actually cut out the pieces. I cheated here. I was making more than one so I stamped a few red strawberries, cleaned the stamp and then stamped them in green and then I cut out the parts I need. Now if you were doing just one you can use a marker to color in the areas, huff on it and then stamp. After I got the pieces cut out I used pieces of Dimensionals under it. I set them on top of the strawberry in the punched out circle. I just felt it looked nicer raised. I punched out a round scallop and then taped the strawberry to that. I added that to the top of the planter. Now you can add a little gift tag and it's ready for that special strawberry loving person

Isn't it just cute? I have a few more planters that have flower seeds in them so I'll be trying out some different papers to see which looks the best. I'd better get a move on it or spring may come and I'll miss it. We've got some more cold weather coming for this weekend and possibly snow too!!! Minnesota is such an interesting place on the climatic scale!! We have the four seasons here and sometimes they can all happen in one day!!! LOL The lawns are greening up and the trees are budding but it's still too early to plant or put flowers out. I usually put my flowers in around mid May but at the rate it's going I won't be doing it until the end of the month!!!

Have fun shopping at Target for these cute little planters. You may want to make an extra copy of the packaging so you can go to Michael's and pick up some small planters (they are 39 cents each there) and make your own flower pots. I got some peat disks at the grocery store last week. I didn't even know you could buy those things. So I'm going to have to get some flower posts out and make my own too (after I finish up the ones from Target!!!).

Flower ones would be perfect for Mother's Day!!! For more Weekend Projects please click here.

This item was made entirely of Stampin' Up! products. To view more cards/items made entirely of Stampin' Up! products click here.

Have a great time with this project and thank you SO much for stopping by,


Mary said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Perfect little gift! I think it may have been Jodi Morrow's Blog.. but not positive!

JIB said...

Wanda, I don't know who's blog it's on, but I did that last year and they were a big seller! I bought daisies. I didn't see any daisies this year.

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

This is a lovely idea that I have not seen before. What a great gift for a plant lover (or strawberry lover lol).

Thanks for sharing.
Sydney, Australia

Unknown said...

Well if that isn't just the cutest re-do I have ever seen. Great idea! Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, these are just what I was looking for to give to my friends on Mother's day! TFS such a thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea!! I think I'll head to Target today and see if I can find those cute pots!

dasimonds said...

Cute Idea...
and they look Fantastic!!
Such a nice gift :)

*Thanks for sharing!!

reeree62 said...

Wanda, so creative!!!!! Love it!

Diane said...

I found your project through Vivian Swain's blog and I have to agree with her -- this is a total WOW project. TFS!

Unknown said...

What a cute little gift, love it!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this idea! I have now been to the Target store in my area and called numerous others, but no luck with the Strawberry ones. Waaaah! I did find sunflowers & marigolds that I think I could use. Have you come up with any suggestions for paper selctions! This is definitely a WOW! Thanks for sharing