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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Very Bright Mother's Day Card

I thought I'd make a Mother's Day card catered to the younger ones giving the card!!!

The colors in the Bold Brights group seem to represent a kids card the best. Do you think it's because of those basic 8 crayons we got as kids??? And those GIANT ones at that!!! I don't think I recall my son ever using up those giant ones before he got a new pack of the thinner ones. And I don't even recall him ever breaking a giant one either. Maybe they were TOO big to break!!! LOL I know they were the last ones to melt down. I would melt all the old crayons (similar colors) and pour it in candy molds. We'd have NEW dinosaur or car crayons!! LOTS of fun and you get to recycle too!!!

Anyway, back to the cards. I used the Stampin' Up! "All in the Family" set and the "Sprinkles" mini background stamp set. I colored directly from the marker. No blender pen or water coloring. I did sponge the edges on the white card stock and I used Summer Sun ink on the Yoyo Yellow card stock.

I was a bit disappointed in the ribbon I tied on under the girls feet. It was much darker than I wanted and it showed up even darker in the photo!!!

The words were done on the computer. It's a pretty simple basic looking card. Not a whole lot to it. And doing the words like that on the computer will allow you to change them to "Grandma, Nana" or whatever fond name you use to refer to grandma.

It's a fun card for Mother's Day! To view it closer just click on the photo.

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Stampin_Melissa said...

Cute card Wanda! What a fab idea to reuse the crayons. I know my son would be so impressed with dino crayons! You may have to do a tutorial on how to do that for us visual learners with young sons! ;D

Unknown said...

What a great share. Us grandmas that craft with our grandies really appreciate it!

Unknown said...

These are so very cute, I love the bright colors! The crayon idea is wonderful, going to try it. Our DD can break the big crayons, infact she can break just about anything. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a great card! It is perfect for younger children. I'll have to do up a few for my grandkids to color for their mother and other grandma!!!
Your post about the colors reminded me of those block color crayons that were a mixture of different colors! They looked like a block of little crayon pieces all compressed into one.
I agree, you will have to do a little tutorial on reusing crayons!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Very very nice :) Love the bright colours. Please do the tutorial - sounds as though there were a lot of fans. Thank you for leaving your comment about my card on SCS :)