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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Avant-Garden, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale-a-Bration

I'm looking at this card and thinking how fun this would be to make a set of these in different colors and maybe for different occasions other than just birthday.  Though a pack of just birthday cards would be fine too.  I know I have more than 4 friends and relatives that have birthday!! LOL

I found this card on Pinterest.  You can see the original one here. It was done in a green color.  I didn't spend much time looking at the color to determine what green it was.  I didn't want to make a green card, I wanted something in the orange family. I was going to use Pumpkin Pie but I decided to go with Calypso Coral.  I liked both but when I looked at the stash of cardstock, I had more Calypso Coral than  I did Pumpkin Pie.

The base of the card is a folded half sheet of Whisper White cardstock.  I cut another piece of Whisper White to 5-1/2" x 2-1/4".  I cut a piece of Calypso Coral 5-1/2" x 2-1/2".  And that was it for paper cutting.

Next I stamped the flower using Calypso Coral ink.  Then I stamped the words using black Memento ink.  I set it aside and worked on the base part of the card. 

I took the Calypso Coral layer piece and set it on top of the base of the card and set it where I want it to be.  Then I moved it over to the left about a half an inch and drew a light pencil line from top to bottom.  It doesn't have to be a straight line.  Just make it light so it won't show through the back. That way you won't have to erase it.  I took the dotted image from the set and stamped over the line. I did stamp on the line but mostly to the right of the line.  It doesn't really matter, since the line will be hidden by the layer.  I stamped the dots and then stamped again without inking.  There's a nice mix of light and dark stamping, going from light to dark (left to right).  And that was it.  Super easy.  See why it would be fun to make a pack of card using this layout? And doing them in different colors too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stylized Birthday, Avant-Garden, 2017 Sale-a-Bration, Birthday Card

I just had to play with this fun "Avant-Garden" set again.  I am going to be sorry to see it retire at the end of the month. I just love the "Stylized Birthday" stamp.  It takes up a lot of real estate so you don't have to do a whole lot to a card. Where the flowers are I could have used decorative paper and had a nice effect as well.  

For this card I used Sweet Sugarplum cardstock and ink. Whisper White cardstock, Pear Pizzazz ink and Soft Suede ink.

I stamped the birthday greetings on first using Pear Pizzazz ink.  Then I stamped the flowers.  Some I stamped again without inking up the image again. I used Sweet Sugarplum on the flowers. Then I stamped the center of the flowers using Soft Suede and on the lighter flowers I didn't ink up the image again.  I did the same for the leaves and stems but I used Pear Pizzazz ink on them.  I just randomly stamped the leaves where I thought they should be and tried to make the lighter leaves by the lighter flowers, for the most part.  

This was a very fun and super quick card to make.  I wish Stampin' Up! would make a "Happy Mother's Day" as big as the "Happy Birthday" and with the same font.  It's so pretty!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Balloon Adventure, Birthday Card, Stamping Technique, 2017 Occasions Catalog

Here is my card for the swap I am going to be participating in tonight at Terri's Technique Tuesday.  The front of the card is on the right and the inside of the card is on the left.  Click on the photo for a closer view.  

The technique used here is called "Floating Pop-up".  For this card you need to cut 3 pieces for layering the front, inside cover and inside bottom.  You need to cover the inside front because you have to hide part of the Window Sheet.  Perhaps not so much hide it as keeping it held in place to get the effect of it floating or popping up.  

The package for my pop up is just cut decorative paper.  But I had to use 2 pieces together because the Window Sheet piece needs to go inside.  That Window Sheet was cut 1/2" wide and 3" long.  Scoring one end at 1/2".  That's the part that gets taped under the inside cover piece.  You need to stamp and decorate all of those pieces before you assemble the card.  

It was fun to make and I'm excited to see what cards I get in exchange!!  I will share them with you!

The instructions I have for this technique is to cut the card base 4-1/4" x 11".  Score at 5-1/2" and fold.  I already mentioned the Window Sheet above. And you decide what you want for the pop up part and make two so you can tape them back to back with the window sheet between it. Making two also helps it be not so flimsy too.  For mine, I did trim my Window Sheet down by a half inch because it was too long and just made the package flop over.  

It was a fun card to make.  I made an extra one so I will be offering one up for grabs in a drawing of those who leave a comment.  I'm not groping for comments. So just saying "pick me" will be just fine. I will do a random drawing on Sunday March 24, 2017.  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, March 20, 2017

So Very Much, Thank You Card, 2017 Sale-a-Bration

Here's another fun card I found while surfing the net.  You can see the original card here.  I did not add the texture to the top part or the rhinestones.  I kept it more plain and simple looking.  

This was a very easy card to make. It seems that the larger the words are on a card, the less you have to do to it!  I'm going to miss this big "Thank You" from the "So Very Much" Sale-a-Bration set.  I will be selling it in my web store sometime next month.  Probably after the 15th (tax time!!! UGH!).  

To make this card I took a folded half sheet of Sweet Sugarplum cardstock.  I took a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of Whisper White card stock and stamped the "Thank you" at the top part using Sweet Sugarplum ink.  Then I took a 4" x 1-1/2" piece of the "Blooms & Bliss" decorative paper.  Actually, mine was a scrap. It's always nice when you can use up those scraps.  I sponged the edges with Sweet Sugarplum ink.  I taped it to the white cardstock and then tied a Sweet Sugarplum ribbon around it.  I taped it on to the front of the card base and that was it.  Super simple and such a sweet looking card!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, March 19, 2017

So Very Much, Delicate Details, Thank you Card, 2017 Sale-a-Bration

Because it was so pretty, that's why!! LOL  I found this fun card on Pinterest and I just HAD to make it.  You can see the original card here.  I only omitted the "so very much" words. Other than that, it's exactly the same.

I thought it looked like a pretty simple card to make.  Well, it takes a good eye to get the lines straight.  The lines on the bottom are really straight, it just looks a bit off because the card angle and it being open on that side.  I cheated and drew a light pencil line where I wanted the most solid part of that image to be.  I measured both sides and when I went to stamp I stamped on top of the pencil lines on each side.  Couldn't go wrong doing it that way.  Repeat for the other 3.  

The base of this card is a folded half sheet of Real Red cardstock.  The "Thank you" was stamped using Real Red ink.  I did stamp the words first so I knew where the lace images had to be put and how much space I had to work with. 

The lace images are stamped using Real Red on the larger one and Pink Pirouette on the thinner one.  And that's it.  Super simple and so elegant looking and such a short post today!! LOL

Thank you so much for visiting today,

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Balloon Adventure, Shadow Box Card Technique, 2017 Occasions Catalog

Today I'm going to share with you a card I made at Terri's Technique Tuesday night.  This is called the "Shadow Box Card" technique.  Before you begin working on your "Shadow Box" card, be sure to read the instructions first. You don't want to miss a step or tape where you shouldn't.

We bagan with a 5-1/2" x 11" piece of cardstock (Whisper White was used here) and we scored it at 3/8", 4-1/8", 4-5/8" and 8-3/8".  We cut the window image between the 3/8" and 4-1/8" score lines. Fold all score lines into mountain folds.  

Next we folded the card on the second score line (4-1/8") resulting in two panels on top and three panels underneath.  You can decorate the 4th panel if you want (it's between the 4-1/8" and 4-5/8" scores). You need to do that before you go on (if desired).  Apply strong tape along the 3/8" panel and fold the card on the last score line (8-3/8") onto the top to adhere the 3/8" panel to the last panel, creating a shadow box. 
Apply adhesive to the last panel (on top) to adhere a 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" cardstock to create the front of the card.  Camouflage the seam with a ribbon or layering  cardstock on both sides.  And then you decorate and embellish it as desired.  

Click on the second photo to get a closer look at the fold lines.  That 3/8" panel is actually the "spine" of the box (on the left side).  

Looking at the ribbon on both photos, that is where the seam is hidden.  I hope this makes sense to you.  When I was assembling my card, I thought it was so odd that the front was shorter then the back when I was closing it (before taping) to see what it looked like. At first I thought I scored wrong.  But later learned that we were adding that 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" panel to the front and covering the seam with ribbon. Then it closed nicely and was the same size as the back of the card!

It was a fun technique to learn.  For the center of ours, we used the "Balloon Adventures" set and dies. It's such a cool looking card and a cool technique!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, March 17, 2017

Avant-Garden, So Very Much, 2017 Occasions Catalog

I found this fun card while surfing on the net.  You can see the original one here.  I liked the idea that I could combine the "Avant-Garden" and "So Very Much" sets together. I LOVE the large "Thank You" from the "So Very Much" set. It takes up a lot of "real estate" when you're stamping.  I was using it pretty much alone on a card with a little embellishment but when I saw how these two stamps worked together so well, I just had to make it.  It's very simple to do too!

First you need a folded half sheet of Pear Pizzazz cardstock. On top of that is a 4" x 5-1/4" Whisper White sheet.  The "Thank You" was stamped using Pear Pizzazz ink.  Then I stamped the flowers from the "Avant Garden" set.  I used Daffodil Delight ink.  I stamped once and then stamped another flower without inking the image again (referred to as second generation stamping).  I did that twice and I made 4 solid Daffodil Delight flowers.  For the center of each flower I used Soft Suede ink.  I don't believe anything was added to the flower centers on the original card. I used Pear Pizzazz ink for the stems and leaves.  Some leaves were stamped second generation.  After I finished the flowers and leaves, I could then clearly see the space open for sort of centering my words under the "Thank You".  I was going to stamp them right after the "Thank You" but I decided to wait because I wasn't how much space would be open there. It's not that you can't stamp the words, but it's better to wait so you can see the area to stamp in better.

This was a fun card to make and I can see myself making more.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Avant-Garden, Tin of Cards, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale-a-Bration

I honestly don't know how I ended up on YouTube when I was looking for a card to make.  I may have seen the card and clicked on a link.  I don't know.  But I'm glad I did because this was a fun card to make.

I didn't have any of the current sequins but I did have some left over from the October 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit, so I used a few of them.  And it worked!!! LOL

For this card I used a folded half sheet of Dapper Denim for the base.  On top of that is a piece of Whisper White cut 4" x 5-1/4".

I then die cut a circle from the "Stitched Shapes" framelits.  I actually die cut two. One of Whisper White and one of scrap cardstock so I could trace around it.  I didn't want to trace around the circle I'm going to stamp on because I'm known for slipping and drawing on the circle.  Plus I didn't want to get pencil (graphite) on the edges of the circle.  Sometimes it can smear. And I didn't want to try to erase that on the edges.  So it was just easier to make an extra circle.  Plus I put it in the package with the dies when I was done so I don't have to ever cut another extra one out (unless I ruin this one beyond reuse!).  I stamped the "happy birthday" from the "Tin of Cards" set.  There is a "Happy Birthday Wishes" in the "Avant-Garden" set but I liked these words better, the font flowed with the flowers better.  

So the words are stamped and set aside.  I then took the other circle and set it in place on the card and traced lightly around it.  Now if you don't have one, I highly recommend a kneaded eraser.  When I was in high school they were called kneadable erasers.  They erase pencil marks without ruining the paper and leave no trace behind.  I've gotten mine at Michael's.  And it's one of those items that don't go on sale, so when they have a big coupon sale, you can use it on that.  They aren't that expensive but if you don't know what to use your coupon on, this is it!!  They last a very long time too.  I cut mine in half and keep one at my worktable and one in my pencil pack.  You can shape it to a point or what ever shape you like.  We use to flatten them out and press them to our mouth and blow big and very loud bubbles with them.  Now that I think of it, I wonder if the students in the entire art department did that.  GROSS!!! Okay, so much for reminiscing!!! LOL   

Next I stamped the flowers beginning with Pool Party and then Dapper Denim.  I stamped the leaves using Wild Wasabi and Mint Macaron.  The video said to stamp off.  I didn't do that.  I liked them more solid.  It fit with the darker colors of the flowers.  The Mint Macaron gave the illusion of stamping off, so I thought it all balanced out.  The flower centers were done using Chocolate Chip ink.  The dots were also Chocolate Chip ink.  

Next I wrapped and taped some copper thread around the bottom part of the card.  Then I taped the card in place on the Dapper Denim base.  I set the words in place using Dimensionals and then glued the sequins in place.  And that was it!

I thought it was a fun card to make.  You can watch that YouTube video of it here.  My card looks very close to the original except I did not use copper embossing powder on mine, I didn't have any.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Avant-Garden, 2017 Sale-a-Brations, Notebooks, Weekend Project

I don't make these notebooks as often as I use to. I do make up a bunch with other images on them for the fall craft fairs and they always sell out. I "bill them" as a stocking stuffer  and they go like hotcakes!  They are practical and useful. A perfect stocking stuffer for females!!  I need to find some little kid images and make some for children too.  I suppose I could use the "Pretty Kitty" or "Barnyard Babies" sets that I have to make them for children.  As long as the image fits in the 2" x 2" white area.  I will look into that this weekend.

So, onto these notebooks.  I used Watermelon Wonder for my color.  I used a piece of cardstock for the front of the notebook and a 2" x 2" square of Whisper White to decorate the front.  I stamped the flower using Watermelon Wonder ink and Chocolate Chip ink for the center of the flower.  I used Pear Pizzazz for the leaves, some stamped directly from the ink pad and some with out inking the image up again. It gives it more color and some depth.  The "notes" is from a stamp I had made many years ago.  It keeps on stamping!!!

I use the Rubi Coil machine to punch my paper and to punch the cover and backing.  The backing I use is the cardboard found in the decorative papers.  I have a lot of it on hand!!  

I use to sell these in the web store (undecorated), just the cover but with the colors changing so much I couldn't keep up with the added work.  But if you are interested in them, you can email me.  My email address is located in the right side bar where it reads "Got a Question".  Click on that and you will see my email.  I don't like to put it in my posts, hackers can get at it pretty easy there. So I play on the cautionary side.  

These are fun gifts to give out.  The are also a fun make n take that really help promote the sale of a stamp set.  I love giving them as gifts.  Such a fun thing to give away.  I do wrap them in a clear cellophane when giving them as a gift or selling them at craft fairs.  I leave one open at the craft fair so people can see that it's just copier paper cut up for the inside.  

I have a link to my other notebooks.  Click here. Some are larger size ones, some are altered notebooks and in the mix you will see the smaller ones.  They measure 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" plus a little height on top from the spirals.  

I LOVE making these.  You may see more in the near future.  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Avant-Garden, Thank You Card, Delicate Details, 2017 Sale a Bration

I made a gift pack of cards for a friend and I wanted to include a thank you card to go with it.  So this is what I found while looking on Pinterest for something else.  Isn't that how it works?  LOL

I love the lace border image at the bottom.  I have not played with that "Delicate Details" set much either and it retires at the end of the month.  Oh and please check back in April to my web store, I will be selling my retiring sets then.  I will post them on here and there will be a link to the store.  I need to stop hanging on to them and say goodbye. Plus I need the room!

So, onto this fun card.  The base of this card is folded half-sheet of Eggplant Envy.  A color I don't use very often and don't know why!  Then on top of that is a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of Wisteria Wonder.  And the Whisper White piece is cut 3-3/4" x 5".

I stamped the flowers, inking each one.  Plus I stamped a fourth one on a scrap piece of Whisper White so I could fussy cut it out.  Then the center of the flowers were stamped using Eggplant Envy ink.  The leaves were stamped using Pear Pizzazz ink. Some are stamped direct and others are stamped without inking the image again.  It's a pretty even balance.  The dots in the background are found in the set and were inked using Wisteria Wonder and then stamped off once before stamping on the cardstock.  The original card did not have any dots above the flowers like I added.  Also the words are different, in a different place and layered.  You can see the original card here.  I also used Baker's Twine and the original card had colored twine.  I didn't have any colored so I made do with what I had.  The original card did not fussy cut a flower either.  I just like to do that with this set.  It gives the card a bit more depth.

This was a very fun card to make and I do like how it turned out.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Monday, March 13, 2017

Avant-Garden, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale a Bration

I found this fun card while surfing the net.  I don't recall what I was surfing for in particular but when I saw this card, I just had to make it. The original card was made by Julie at Julie's Japes.  

This card has a "half front" and the focal piece covers half of it.  So when you're assembling it, you have to make sure not to put Dimensionals on the whole thing or it will stick to the inside part and you won't be able to open it!!!  Yup, I've done that before!!!  My favorite was when I was reminding myself not to do it when I was taping the layers together. I grab the Dimensionals and cover the whole thing.  UGH.  So I remove the ones that didn't belong there. Fortunately I never press them firmly in place so they don't take a whole lot of effort to remove them.  Anyway, I get them all off and do it again!!!  I just shook my head at myself while rolling my eyes back!!! LOL  A creature of habit I guess!  LOL

Anyway, back to the card.  The base of this card is a folded half sheet of Crumb Cake cardstock.  I cut it on the short side.  Then I folded it in half and cut off half of the front (2-3/4").  

I used the "Falling Hearts" folder on two 1/4 sheets of Sweet Sugarplum card stock. They were sponged on top using Sweet Sugarplum ink. Then I cut them to 2-5/8" x 2-5/8".   I could have used the square framelits but it's easier to cut the squares on the paper cutter.  I also cut 4 square scalloped edged ones using the framelits.  

Next I stamped the flowers. I started with the Sweet Sugarplum ones. I stamped the one on the right and without inking the stamp again, I stamped the one on the left.  Then I stamped the inside flowers. Click on Julie's link to see how she did the inside.  I didn't use the one leaf stem thing that she used.  I thought it looked out of place with these flowers.  But if you like them, by all means, add them.  

I stamped the Eggplant Envy flower and then the Pear Pizzazz leaves.  I added the Sweet Sugarplum dots, those were stamped off once.  And for the center of the flowers I used Eggplant Envy and on the Eggplant Envy flower I used Basic Black ink.  

I stamped the words using Eggplant Envy ink and die cut them with the oval framelits.  The scalloped layer behind it is Pear Pizzazz.  The original card didn't have the oval scallop behind the words. I just thought it needed to be more separated from the flowers and adding a frame around the words was what it needed. 

This was a very fun and easy card to make.  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Guy Greetings, February 2017 Paper Pumpkin Alternate Card, Masculine Birthday Card

I thought it was time to make a masculine card. It seems I'm always seeing lady cards but not so many masculine ones. So today I thought I'd get out my favorite masculine set "Guy Greetings" and see what I could come up with!

I took the February Paper Pumpkin kit and got out the darker, Night of Navy pocket piece and the slider.  I cut the pocket piece off to fit where I wanted the card to go.  I cut the top part off at 1-1/2", that included the two tabs that were standing up.  Then I cut 1/4" off the bottom. You want this piece to measure a hair under 5".  I cut the bottom of the slider part to 4-3/4".  

Before I put the holder part together, I set the slider part in place and took a pencil and lightly traced the rectangle for the "happy".  Then I moved it up a little and traced another for the "birthday" and once more for the "to you".

Then I glued the bottom shut and taped the one side closed. I set it aside to dry while I worked on the rest of the card.

I stamped the car and colored it in with the Pool Party marker.  I colored the tires in with the Basic Black marker and the wheel hubs, fender and grill with the Smoky Slate marker.  I die cut it with the stitched oval die. I added a scalloped Pool Party oval behind it. Kind of wished I would not have used the scalloped, it's a bit more feminine than I thought it would be.  Oh well, it's the car they will look at, right?  LOL

I thought the background could use something so I took the largest oval die and cut a Night of Navy piece.  I set it on the back of the pocket and lined it up where I thought it looked best and slowly turned it over so I could tape it together.  Once I got it taped enough, I taped the entire piece and set it in place.  Then I added the car using Dimensionals.  

I stamped the words on the slider piece and put it in the pocket and that was it.  Pretty easy and a good way to use those invitations that you don't need!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Balloon Adventures, Balloon Pop-up Thinlits, Birthday Card

This is such a fun and cheery looking card.  I saw it on Klompen Stampers and I just had to copy it.  The inside is suppose to be a pop-up birthday greeting but I didn't add it to this card.  I was more impressed with the festive front of this card. I just love how colorful it is. It's so cheery looking.  

The base of this card is a folded half sheet of Basic Black cardstock.  Then a 4" x 5-1/4" layer of Whisper White was added to the top.  But before I taped it in place I stamped on it!!!

The first thing I did was to die cut the balloons and punch out the solid balloons so I could glue them together and let them sit to dry. I used Daffodil Delight, Pacific Point and Tangerine Tango cardstock.  For the solid backing on the balloons, I used Cucumber Crush, Smoky Slate, and Daffodil Delight.

Next I stamped the balloons onto the Whisper White piece.  I used Tangerine Tango, Pacific Point and Cucumber Crush ink.  I also used Daffodil Delight ink for the confetti on the right side of the card.  The words were from the same set and stamped using black Memento ink.

Once I was done stamping the balloons, I stamped the words.  That way I knew where to add the confetti.
Next I set the die cut balloons in place using Dimensionals.  I added a glue dot to the Basic Black cardstock die cut bows on each balloon.  (wow, was that ever a run on sentence!).  It bordered on rambling!!! LOL  Anyway, after the bows were added, I added a piece of trimmed Whisper White cardstock to the inside and that was it.  

It's a pretty simple card.  Die cuts help a lot to make speedy cards!!!  I hope this set makes it to the catalog in June.  I really like it!!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tasty Trucks, Birthday Card, 2017 Sale-a-Bration, February 2017 Paper Pumpkin Alternative Card

There's a few things going on here with this card. First, the background paper is from the February 2017 Paper Pumpkin kit.  It was a cute kit but I didn't need a bunch of invitations so I thought I would use them for backgrounds.  

I liked the opening in it and fortunately the words from the "Tasty Trucks" Sale a Bration set fit in it perfectly! Like it was meant to be!!! I was thrilled when I saw that it fit and I just ran with it.

I cut the invitation holder to 5" x 3-3/4".  I made sure I had the opening for the words at the top and I just trimmed it up where I thought things should go!

I stamped a truck and fussy cut it out.  I also fussy cut 4 treats from the decorative paper scrap I had left over from a card I made the other day.  I set those on the truck using Dimensionals.  I did set the truck in place using Dimensionals as well.  

I layered the Paper Pumpkin background paper on top of a piece of Whisper White.  No, I did not stamp the words through the window. I stamped them on a scrap piece of cardstock and taped it to the back. I would never have gotten it that nice and even had I done it directly!  The base of the card is a folded half-sheet of Watermelon Wonder.  Before I taped the two layers to the card base, I wrapped some white baker's twine around it and tied a bow.  

It was pretty simple to make but it with all of the fussy cutting, it did take a little bit of time. But it wasn't bad. Under 20 minutes.  There's lots of "under 20 minutes" cards on my blog.  Click here and you can see them.  Be prepared to spend some time looking, there's over 1200 (they add up over the 10+ years I've been blogging here)!!!

My younger sister's birthday is less than 2 weeks away and I'm ahead of the game!  I have her card ready!! Yay me!

Thank you for stopping by today,