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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Art Gallery, Dainty Flowers, Ghirardelli Treat Holder Gift Box, Weekend Project, Stampin' Up!

Hello there. I'm happy you are here today so I can share with you a fun find!  Did you ever find something on the internet (mostly Pinterest) that you wanted to make and then quite a few days later you get around to making it?  I have a lot of those. And some of them just get put into a folder and I forget all about them.  But I knew I wanted to make one of these when I saw it on Kadies "Kards by Kadie" blog. I follow her because she's got lots of fun things to share. Now she posted hers about 4 days ago and I think I did well to make it before a week went by! I just thought this holder was adorable. Plus it's easy to make too. You can see Kadie's by clicking here.  Read on to see how I made mine.

The piece was made by cutting a piece of Fresh Freesia card stock at 4" x 6".  On the 4" side you score at 1/2" on each end. I like to score on the left side and then turn my piece 180 degrees and score on the other end. It just works best for me to do it that way.  Plus if there's any discrepancies in the measurements I know the ends are always the same size! Next the scoring on the 6" side went as follows, score at 1", 1-1/2" and 3-3/4".  And that's it for the scoring.  I've included a photo of how the piece was cut out. In the photo I showed how one side was cut out.  And yes, I did use pencil on my piece but I have an art gum/kneadable eraser and it removed graphite without ruining the surface of any paper.  It's a must have in my craft room.  I have even removed the eraser from my mechanical pencils and kneaded up pieces of the eraser to fit in the spot. I just love this type of eraser. Oh and there's no bits of eraser to wipe of onto the table or floor either!!  So once I got my pencil lines erased I was ready to start assembling.  First I glued the top section down. It's pretty long and once folded it makes the back wall pretty strong and stable. And then I set it aside. I also snipped the little tabs so they fold in a little better. I also marked the piece at 2-1/2" from the bottom piece (on each side) to cut the angle equally.  

Next I cut the Designer Series Paper (DSP) from the "Dainty Flowers" 12" x 12" package to measure 2-7/8" x 2-1/8" for the back wall of the holder.  And the front strip measured 2-7/8" x 7/8".  I glued those two pieces in place. 

The box was glued together. I glued the side back piece to the small flap on each side and then I glued the front piece to the back side piece. You want to do it in this order or you will have raw edges on the front of your holder.

Once the box was glued I tied a ribbon around it. My ribbon is Fresh Freesia, I still had some left. I think I have enough left to make one or two more cards and then it's gone. I'm happy it will be gone but sad because it's so pretty.  But at least I will finally have used something up in my workroom!!

Now I was making this with a certain friend in mind whom I will be having lunch with tomorrow. She's going to love it and these words are perfect for her. She is a lovely lady and I'm so happy she is in my life.  The words are from the "Art Gallery" set and were stamped using black Memento ink. I die cut them with the smallest die from the "Tailor Made Tags" die set (that I forgot I bought a long time ago). It's still current and I hope it's in the next catalog because I need to play with it. You might be seeing it on some upcoming cards so I can feel better about the purchase!!

The word piece was slipped under the ribbon and glued in place. 

I added two Ghirardelli pieces of candy in the holder and the piece was done.  Isn't it cute?  I can see making these at Christmas for special friends or stocking stuffers. Let's hope I remember that I want to make these then!! I even thought about changing the measurements to make it a bit wider so it will accommodate a gift card. It's tall enough but not wide enough. It wouldn't take much to add 3/8" to the width.  

Oh and I think these would be great teacher gifts. A little bit of card stock, ribbon and DSP plus some candy and you've got a nice little gift for a teacher at Christmas or for the last day of school. 

This was fun. It's a very quick and easy holder to make and I can see myself making more of them in the future! Really!!!

Thank you SO very much for taking your time to stop in and see today's treat holder,


KardsbyKadie said...

WOW.....your holder turned out PERFECT!!!!
Thanks for sharing the air-time with me.

Lynette said...

What a great little treat holder! Thanks for the link and instructions.