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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Touches of Texture, Healing Hugs, Get Well Card, 2018-2019 Stampin' Up! Catalog

I found this fun card on Pinterest.  I have used the "Touches of Texture" set many times and in all of the times I've used it have never used the little messed up alphabet image.  If you look next the flower in the upper right corner you an see some letters there.  It's like someone took the alphabet macaroni and pushed it into a pile.  A big old fun mess!!

This is a very easy card to make.  I tried to go to the site where the card came from but it turned out to be a dead end, so I had no info to go on.  I had to wing it!

The base of my card is a folded half sheet of Whisper White card stock. I cut the card stock at the 4-1/4" mark on the short side.  The fold is at the top and this card opens from the bottom.

I used Merry Merlot for the outline image of the flowers. I stamped directly from the pad to the paper.  Then I used Berry Burst for the flowers. I did stamp off once before stamping on the outline image. For the center of the flower I used this tiny flower stamp in the set (another image I had not used) and I inked it up with Merry Merlot and stamped the center of each of the flowers.

Next I took the large dotted image, inked it up with Crumb Cake and stamped off once. I stamped between the three flowers on the top right side and across the bottom edge, three times.

I took the messed up alphabet image and used Crumb Cake ink. I stamped off once and then stamped  under the bee on the left (around the 5 o'clock area). On the next flower it's stamped around the 7 o'clock area. There's one between the two flowers that are touching each other and the last one is next to the flower at the 10 o'clock area.  

Then I stamped the small flower using Crumb Cake ink, stamping off once. There's three flowers on the card. The original card showed rhinestones in the center of each flower.  Of course I forgot to put them in. I will add them when I'm done posting this.  I seem to always forget something!!!

The final Crumb Cake image is the bee.  There's two on the card and I stamped directly from the ink pad to the paper.  

The words are from the "Healing Hugs" set. I stamped them using black Memento ink.  And that was it. I think it's a very pretty get well card and a very easy one to make.  Plus you get to use a lot of images in the set!!  Some you may have never used before!!

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Ceresa said...

I love this card. Thank you for sharing. I haven't used Touches of Texture enough and this inspired me to pull it out again.