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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pivot Twist Pop Up Technique, Guy Greetings Masculine Birthday Card

The swap for this month is to make a card using either the "Pivot Twist Pop Up" technique or the "Reflections" technique.  I chose the one with the most pieces (of course!!! LOL).  But it's okay, I do like how it turned out.

It does have lots of pieces to it but it has to.  This technique is not as difficult as you'd think it is.  I found several instructions on the net for it and I combined and simplified them to make this technique easy and painless.  The most important part is when folding the mechanism piece to pay attention to the mountain and valley folds.  If you fold them all the same it will still work, but it will not be as easy to fold together.  If you do the mountain and valley folds, the piece practically goes together itself.  You will understand what I mean when you put one together.

You can find the instructions for this technique here.  

For my card I used the Dapper Denim for the base and the layer on the front.  I also used the Dapper Denim decorative paper from the 12" x 12" in colors pack.  I was happy to finally use some of that paper!!!

So, have fun with this technique. It's fun and amazing once you get it together and open it for the first time.  It may be a little stiff but if you open and close it a few times it will loosen up.

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