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Friday, February 26, 2016

Playful Pals and Disney's Olaf from Frozen Pyramid Pal Thinlit Die Box

I LOVE using the "Pyramid Pal" Thinlits.  You are only limited by your imagination with this set and matching dies. I do like the movie "Frozen" and Olaf is an adorable character. So, why not make one!  

I used the Dazzling Diamonds card stock.  This paper is a little bit trickier to work with than regular card stock.  It's stiffer.  I had to use clips to hold the seams together to allow them to set up.  I used glue and not tape.  Because the paper was so stiff, there was no way the tape was going to hold for long.

I used some oval and round punches as well.  For the nose I just cut a wedge of Pumpkin Pie card stock and used a Pumpkin Pie marker and drew on some lines.

The top of his head is the toes from the frog die.  He was simple to make but like I said, you need to clip the seams together until they are set up.  For the pieces, I used both glue and tape.  I didn't want to sit there and hold pieces in place so I used tape and glue. I knew the tape would hold while the glue dried.  It was like getting the best of both worlds!!

I left the back open, I didn't glue it shut.  That way he could be used as a party favor or a gift box.

Isn't he adorable?  Please remember if you make these, you can not sell them unless you contact Disney and get a contract with them.  Olaf (and any other Disney character) has a copy right and you will be infringing on it if you sell their images.  It's best to check into things before you sell products that you don't own the rights to!

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Carol said...

This is really cute! Great idea to use the pyramid pals to create Olaf. Thanks for the inspiration.