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Monday, December 07, 2015

Santa-Tizer Hand Sanitizer Holder Stocking Stuffer

Today I'm working on some Santa-tizers.  I need to make 14 of them!  I have two done so far!!!

They are easy to make, it just took me a little longer because I was writing down some measurements for you as I was working on them.

These directions are for the 2.5 oz. Germ-X bottles (I got mine at Walmart). Cut the red card stock 2” x 11”. Score at 5”, 6-1/4”, 9-1/2” and 10-7/8”. Punch the end with a decorative tag punch. Fold all score lines inward. Punch a 1” hole at the end near the 10-7/8” score. Center the circle in that area. You will want to decorate it before you glue that tiny scored end to the back of the holder.

I added the white textured piece to the front. That piece measures 7/8” x 3-1/4”. I glued it in place. Then I added the square center to the glitter buckle piece. That center is cut ½” x ½”. The belt is cut ½” x 7-½” I cut my ½” x ½” piece off the end of the belt piece before I cut it to 7- ½”.

Before you glue the 10-7/8” part to the back of the holder, you will need to insert the bottle. Now you can glue the belt on. Add the buckle. If you trim up the belt a little shorter, you can glue it in the front of the holder and hide the seam with the buckle. Then you have a smooth belt all around the holder.

Add some bling and you are done! My bling are pearls.  I used a black permanent marker and colored on them.  I was going to use silver rhinestones but I really wanted the buttons to be black.  

I printed the words "Santa-tizer" on the computer and punched them out with the Word Window punch.  I used the retired Modern Label punch.  It's red on red so it's kind of hard to see.  But you can see it clearly in person!!  Some people add a string and punch the word piece and tie it around the neck of the bottle.  I have 14 to make, I don't want to do that for 14 bottles!!!

These are fun and easy to make!  If you use a 12" long piece of card stock you can make that little last scored piece a bit longer and easier to work with.  I didn't have any trouble with the 1/8" piece.  It's up to you!  They make great stocking stuffers!!!

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Mary said...

These are so cute Wanda, thank you for sharing!

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