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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Bloom with Hope Notebook Weekend Project

When I have scraps of copier paper I cut them into 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" squares and set them aside until I have enough to make a notebook.  I know, talk about being frugal!!!  I love making these notebooks. I've been making them for many years.  I always end up with a bunch to just sell off at the craft fair.  It's a fun way to make a little money out of scraps.  I also make a lot of them to give away too!

I ran across this flower in my big mess on the counter behind my worktable.  I'm SO glad it's behind my back because I would hate to look at it day after day!!! It's such a mess!!!  I need to spend a little time and clean up that whole counter.

Anyway, back to my fun project.  I don't remember when I had stamped and colored in this flower but it was fun to find it and use it so quickly!  I punched the image to 1-1/4" and I punched the Hello Honey card stock layer at 1-3/8".  I glued the layers together because these notebooks end up in purses and the tape might not hold.

I have a RubiCoil binding machine. I've had this machine for about 15 years now!!! It's been a good machine. The spring did break in it and I called and ordered new ones and replaced both of them at the same time.  I have made TONS of notebooks and cookbooks with this machine and it's paid for itself a long time ago!!!  Once I punch the copier paper and the front and back cover, I run the coil through the holes and turn the ends so it stays in place.  The back cover is usually made using a piece of shirt board.  I use to use card stock but it didn't make sense.  Why use the colored card stock on the back when I had all of this shirt board.  It's the thickness of a cereal box and makes the notebook feel more firm.  

These are great little sellers at the craft fairs.  This one probably won't make it to the craft fair, I have someone in mind for it!!

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Kathy said...

What are the coils made of? Where do you buy the coil?

Wanda said...

The coils are plastic. You can get them at any printing shop. I get mine at My Binding