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Sunday, November 09, 2014

A Festival of Trees Christmas Card

I'm still on the hunt for something that will resemble our family Christmas card.  This one is not it!  I did not like making the trees.  My ink beads up on those clear stamps, plus this card is kind of blah looking.

I used the "Festival of Trees" set for the tree.  "Petite Pairs" for the "Merry Christmas (which I REALLY like how the words look) and the "Northern Flurry" folder (which I also like).  So it's the tree that is bugging me with this card.  Maybe I should find some larger holiday greetings and put them where the upper middle of the tree is!!!  Hmmm, now there's a thought.

I did get to add the brown to the stem of the tree.  I whined about that in my post yesterday.  I had wished I had colored in the the tree trunk.  I did it and I like it but somehow these 3 elements just don't mesh well together.  So off on another quest.

This was a very simple card to make, it just isn't the card for me!

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Sharon said...

Wanda, to avoid the "beading" on your stamps, make sure you clean it (condition it) on your stamp n scrubber. There is usually a film on it when it comes from the company, so by cleaning it with the scrubber, you're getting that film off. That should help. I like the concept of the card, it just needs a bigger element than the tree. Maybe a bigger tree??? but then you'd have to cut them by hand - ick, ick! lol