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Monday, September 08, 2014

Little Letters Thinlits Book of Spells Halloween Weekend Project

 Today I finished up a project I had started last week.  I worked on it a little at a time because I was too busy with other things that I couldn't devote all of my time to working on it.  It's a very simple project to do too.

First I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a hard covered book.  They had their Halloween stuff out and I found a package mixture of "things".  Spiders, bats, skulls, and skeletons.  I did have to use my heat tool on them to get them to lay a little flatter, mostly the spiders.  But don't get them too hot and flatten them, they will lose a lot of their detail.  Fortunately there's a lot of pieces in that bag for a dollar that I was able to practice on a few to get the right touch.  For the spiders, once you see the legs start to shorten, stop and put something heavy on top of it.  The book you're going to use will do nicely!!!

Next I did my lettering.  I cut out lots of letters to spell out the word "spells."  I glued 3 letters together to make them a little thicker so they would stand out nicely on the book.

Once I had everything glued in place on the front I did the spine. I took some black card stock and cut strips and glued 3 of them together too.  I wanted to make those fun lines on the top and bottom of the spine to make it look like it was a really old book.  I trimmed them to the thickness of the spine.  When gluing those strips and the letters in place, you want to bend them a little bit so they lay over the spine.  The spine is not completely flat.  

Then I laid the book face up and began the fun.  I put a piece of tissue paper over the book and made a mixture of white school glue (any white glue will work), black paint and some water and I covered the front with it.  The tissue paper would get air pockets but when I tried to push them out with the paint brush the tissue would tear a little, which was okay, it made the book look even older.  Plus I knew I was going to be adding one more layer of tissue paper to it anyway.  After the 2nd layer looked fairly dry I squeezed a sizable amount of black paint on the front and covered it.  I repeated this for the spine and the back.  The back was easy because it was flat but I did make sure that the tissue paper didn't lay perfectly flat on it. I wanted some wrinkles and tears.

After the paint dried I took my book out in the garage and sprayed a layer of clear acrylic spray over the front and added some black ultra fine glitter to it.  I found my glitter at Michael's, it's by Martha Stewart.  I let the spray dry and my book is now ready for Halloween!!!

Those little letters were perfect for this project!!!  

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the best projects I have seen, love it! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it.
Carol O