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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Work of Art Rainbow Birthday Card

I found this fun card on Pinterest. It was made by Lydia from her "Understanding Blue" blog.  What a fun blog name!!!

I thought it was such a bright and cheery looking card.  Oh and simple to make too.  You have to wash the stamp after each ink color, which is no big deal but still, it slows you down!!! LOL

I would think making several of these cards would make washing that stamp with each ink color even more worth it!!!

I did change it up a bit.  At first I was going to use the "hello" stamp from the "Label Something" set and send the card to my nephew who is in the army.  But then I thought that maybe a rainbow for him might not be the way to go, so I opted for the birthday greetings from the "Wetlands" set.  My go to birthday greeting stamp!!!

I added a little butterfly to the top.  I wish I would have turned it more, it looks like I just stuck it in the corner.  Well, I did stick it in the corner but it looks pretty darn straight!  Oh well, it's on there now.  I used a dot of glue to hold it.  I often use glue when my card stock is textured.  I don't feel that the tape holds well enough.  

Anyway, I did like making this card.  It's fun, easy, and SO colorful!!!

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