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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Mixed Bunch of Flower Shop Petite Petals

Did you like how I got all three of the stamp sets named in the post title?  LOL  

I copied a lot of this card from one I found at South Shore Stamping.  I LOVED the layout of the flowers and how they were stamped and layered.  I didn't have fun with the background though so I changed it to the Dotted one.

It's an easy, fun and quick card to make.  All the elements I LOVE when making cards.

The words were done on my computer and that's about it.

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Stampin Deva said...

Love the pastels, makes me long for spring.


Anonymous said...

Love, Love Love how you did this card---so sweet---keep up the good work. Love LOL there is that word again---getting new ideas to play with.--DonnaJeanne

Donna Sicafuse said...

Love liove love this card---so sweet, love---LOL-- there is that word again---learning new ideas to play with.--DonnaJeanne