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Monday, December 09, 2013

Color Me Christmas

I have hardly used this "Color Me Christmas" set.  I thought it was so cute (and it is) but I have not played with it much at all.  I've been SO busy playing with all the other sets I have.  And speaking of busy, I haven't even started my Christmas cards!  UGH!  In years past I've usually had them done by now and mailed by the 1st of December.  As the years go on I get later and later and later with them!  Edited 12-10-13: I found the gal who originally made this card.  Her name is Jenn and she has a blog StampwithJen.  But I searched back quite a few posts and didn't find this card on there.  I made it through sometime in her October posts.  But anyway, it came from her blog and I just wanted to share that with you.  

Enough about that.  Today's card comes to you from the internet (of course).  I found the card here.  The original card has a red tag behind the green oval.  I didn't have that die or punch so I had to omit it, which is ok because the card is still cute without it.  

I added a few of the Candy Dots embellishments to the upper right corner.  I just thought that corner could use a little something.

The Washi tape seems to fill the background nicely.  I'm just amazed at how far those rolls of tape go!  I've used them on a lot of cards and some of my stampers have used them too and yet there is still some left on the roll!  I want to use it up before Christmas though.  It would be a first if I do!!!  Wish me luck on that endeavor!  LOL

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