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Friday, August 28, 2009

On a Pedestal Birthday Card

This is a card that Angie designed for the Shoebox swap that was a couple of weeks ago. It seems like it was SO long ago now. Hmmm, that must mean I've been VERY busy!!! Oh and I have. I have lots of new things to show you as the days go by here!!! I even designed a new bracelet and I'm hoping to have some for sale in a few weeks. Just in time for Christmas!!! I seem to have my hands in too many projects lately. One HUGE project is getting my workroom in order. That is a nightmare in the making!!! The room became so cluttered with "stuff" and it's still overwhelming to me to tackle certain areas. But I'm plugging along and it's slowly coming together. I just ordered my counter top today for the 7 foot long row of cubes I have. It will be nice to have a smooth work surface!! SO the down side of that is I need to get it all cleaned up in 10 days!!! I shall prevail!!! LOL

Ok, onto Angie's FABULOUS card. This is from the Stampin' Up! set "On a Pedestal." I don't have this set but after looking at it and playing with it I may have to put it on my ever growing wish list!!! I say ever growing because of the new mini catalog. Have you had a chance to see that yet??? OUCH!!! There's hardly anything in it that I don't want!!! LOL

This card was a very fun one to make. And my card actually looks like the one on display!!! Amazing, huh??? LOL I really did enjoy making this card. And don't you just LOVE the new "in" colors?? I'm having a lot of fun with them. Oh and the matching polka dot ribbons!!!

I'm off to sort through some stuff and clean off a worktable so I can create something fun tonight!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks SO much for visiting today,

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Sara Paschal said...

So very cute, this is a great image she did a wonderful card design. LOVE IT;)