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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Envelope Punch Board File Folder Album Weekend Project

 This project was a labor of love, to say the least.  When I found it on the internet. It was made by Cyndi at Cyndi's Blog of Stamping.  I thought it looked like a great project to try.  Be sure to check Cyndi's website for the instructions and photos. 

I did read the instructions before I started.  Something I rarely ever do.  LOL  I did get a little confused on the part where you are to add the "hinges".  It turns out you just cut those hinge strips out of some scrap laying around from your project (don't toss out anything until you are all done) and you cut pieces off those "hinges" to add to the flap on 3 sides.  It was the 3 sides that I wasn't clear on right away. Other than that I was able to follow the instructions without any questions.  I tried the links that were listed in the post but they didn't work.  But like I said, I was able to figure things out and get the project done.  I also didn't have the Zutter binder.  I have a Rubi Coil that does the spiral punch.  Either way it got bound and turned out just fine.  Though I do have to say that I like the Rubi Coil punch better because it punched the piece from the top to the bottom, not just in the middle.  The Rubi Coil one is more stable than the Zutter would be.  The instructions on the web site are very detailed and easy to follow (except for my hinge misunderstanding) 

I would have to say that this project took over 4+ hours to complete.  I didn't do it all in one day.  I started it one day last week and I finished it to day.   I was thrilled with how it turned out but I don't think I will ever make another one!  It did state at the end of the instructions that you should be careful when you make your first one because they are addictive.  I was excited to get addicted but I didn't get the addiction part!!!  I don't think I want to spend another 4+ hours of my life making another one, even though they are very fun and amazing looking! One is enough for me! Not to say that I don't love the outcome, I do!  It's fabulous!

I decorated the cover with an image I used to make not only a card a few weeks back but also a notebook last week.  I just love that image and the color too.

For my envelope punch board file folder album I used Perfect Plum for the base color, only because it was one of the few colors that I had in 12" x 12".  And for my pages, folders and flaps I used the "Sweet Taffy" designer series paper.  I did not tape my project together. I used liquid glue.  I used Tacky to be exact.  I find that it gives the project a much firmer feel.  The flaps are nice and firm.  The whole thing has a feel of quality to it because it's not flimsy at all.

I made this for a friend and I will be giving it to her next month.  I did not tie the bow on it. I thought I would let my friend do it after she sees it.  Sometimes it's difficult to retie it after you open it. It seems like you never get the bow right.  

Like I said, this was a fun project but I do not see myself making another one.  You will have fun making one.  Will you get addicted???

Thank you SO much fro visiting today,


Colleen said...

Gorgeous looking album and what a fun project this would be.

PaperCraft Paradise said...

Hi there the Album is my original Design if you go and check my channel Angelwings14100
the tutorial is on there I have not given Cyndi Permission to post measurements on her Blog whilst she does give credit to me she still needs to have my permission to post measurements on her blog.