Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Blog Candy Time!

Here it is!! Yes, yet another mail box!!! They keep popping up around here. You think I would have done something with them when I bought them! I think I finished one or two of them. I am saving a couple for Christmas but the rest I will post on here when my blog hits mile markers!!! So to make that happen you just continue to visit my blog and as the numbers continue to go up and I will continue to post Blog Candy. How many times can you use the word "continue in one paragraph???" LOL

Ok, what's in the mail box??? There are some REALLY pretty Accent brand yarns, baby charms, butterfly charms and a little sewing kit embellishment. It's covered a bit by the butterfly/dragonfly charms. Under it is a tiny pair of charm scissors that are SO cute. There is also some fall charms in the foreground (left) and in the middle is a package of square antique brads!

How do I get these you ask? Well, you just answer a question and your name goes into a drawing.
What's the question??? The question is on the blog posted below this one.

Please add your comments to that post only. Your comments will be moderated and posted and the drawing will be on Saturday March 30th around 3:00 pm CDT.
PLEASE don't look at other's comments before you post your guess!

Good luck to you and thanks for checking in on my blog!


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Very creative and clever candy question. I am guessing that it is package form from a box. I would guess that it could be used with polymer clay or paper to mold a label or tag. Thanks for a great mind teaser and what a fun candy giveaway.

  2. It could be the protective layer that comes on deoderants(spelling?}

  3. Anonymous7:03 PM

    My first instinct was that it was a piece of gum someone had stepped on, but I kept reading. So that is incorrect. Then I thought it could possibly be the piece that comes with vellum tape to use as the cutter. Anyway, I think you have given us all something fun to think about. Nice blog candy, however!!

  4. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I was going to say that its those wall hangers that don't leave a hole in the wall but if its made out of molded plastic it cant be! Cant wait to find out the answer.